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Power Your Future

Big Projects. Big Opportunities.

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Skilled electricians are in high demand,
and we need your technical expertise.

See our unmatched advantages below.

Higher Wages

  • Make a total of $55.57 every hour! ($38.50/hr on check plus a benefits package of $17.07)
  • Optional overtime opportunities of up to 58-hour work weeks

Better Benefits

  • Health insurance 100% funded for you AND your family
  • 100% funded pension(s)

Job Security

  • 40-hour work weeks
  • Secured employment with a local contractor
  • Work on exciting, high-tech projects

We have exciting projects in the Omaha metro with availability to get you on the jobsite in as little as three weeks.

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"We're not only a place of employment; we're a community that cares and has your back."

A Career That Empowers You & Has Your Back

"We are looking for employees who can run the work and want the responsibility to lead from conception to completion."

"Right now is the perfect time to try something new and join the community of union contractors. There is such a demand for skilled electricians to work the many large-scale projects currently available."