A Partnership That Powers Our City


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We provide the best-trained, safest, and most experienced electrical workers to safely power our city.

A Powerhouse Partnership

Building Omaha provides a joint training program called The Electrical Training ALLIANCE. This training results in the best electrical workers the industry has to offer.

Building Omaha is a partnership between the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) & the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Together, we ensure our electrical contractors and IBEW electricians are able to serve our customers safely and effectively.

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Lighting the Way in Our City

Highly Skilled Workforce

Our licensed electricians require nearly 10,000 classroom hours and five years on the job training to reach journeyman status. Our IBEW electricians are highly skilled and qualified for the job, and take pride in their handiwork.

Safety Is Our Priority

Our number one priority on the job is the safety of our workers and community members, which is taught extensively in our training program. In addition we implement unprecedented energy savings.

Powering Omaha

With the in-depth education and training IBEW electricians receive, our NECA contractors are equipped for cutting edge projects both big and small in all areas of professional electrical specialization: Commercial, Low Voltage and Residential Service.

Supporting Local Economy

We uphold our longstanding investment in our community.

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Our leaders are committed to improving the local electrical industry.

Allan Hale

Executive Director

Barry Mayfield

Business Manager

Rick Milota

Vice President
National Electric Co Inc.


National Electric Co Inc.

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Learn more about our state of the art Education & Training program. Or, if you’re a licensed electrician, explore career opportunities.

Apprenticeship Program

We equip the next generation of skilled electricians with the both classroom learning and paid on the job training. Power Your Future with Building Omaha today.

Propel Your Career

Skilled electricians are in high demand. We’re looking for leaders who are ready to take their career to the next level.