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Electricians are highly skilled professionals. Our program teaches you the skills and expert knowledge needed to become a licensed electrician. An apprenticeship program allows you to earn a salary while you are trained through hands-on learning and education.

Earn While You Learn

Big Projects. Big Opportunities.

Best Job Training

Over 350,000 apprentices have successfully transitioned to journeyman status. The Omaha Joint Electrical Apprenticeship Training Committee (OJEATC) offers three apprenticeship programs to choose from.

Safety on the Job

We apply superior safety standards on each and every project to ensure the safety of our workers in all specializations from commercial to low voltage.

Variety of Projects

From commercial projects like the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge and TD Ameritrade to residential projects, the electrical industry allows you to explore specialty project types and skills.

Steps to Get licensed

  1. Finish High School
  2. Start Electrical Apprenticeship
  3. Earn While You Learn
  4. Start Your Career Debt-Free In a Respected Profession
  5. Graduate With Your Electrical License

A Rewarding Career

Choose your career path

There’s a range of opportunities for a licensed electrician. Discover your interests and follow the right path for you. From residential to construction and low-voltage, there’s a multitude of careers available. Learn more about the various fields.

Residential Wireman

Workers in this role install and maintain the systems typical of single and multi-family homes. This work can include circuit break boxes, lighting, and alarm systems. Residential wiremen install electrical lines in new construction and troubleshoot and repair existing lines in homes.

Inside Wireman

These electricians specialize in connecting commercial electrical systems to the outside power source. They also distribute power throughout the facility by installing new lines or making repairs to existing ones. Jobs include installing light fixtures, outlets, conduit, and inspecting electrical motors and equipment.

Construction Wireman

These electricians are knowledgeable about building electrical safety codes and procedures and work with the basic wiring of the facility. Construction wiremen work on the design, plan, installation and maintenance of electrical systems such as power, lighting, heating, and communications of a building.

Low Voltage

In this field, electricians work with low-voltage wiring, light fixtures, and electrical equipment. Working within residential homes or small commercial buildings, low-voltage electricians install home entertainment systems, alarm systems, and maintain existing electrical equipment.

Apply for the Apprenticeship Program

Our nationally-renowned apprenticeship program is accepting applications year round.

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