Omaha Rapid Bus Transit (ORBT) Bus System


In 2020, Omaha Electric provided directional drilling, trenching, traffic signal modifications, engineered snow-melt systems, and customized power and communication cabinets for 23 new bus terminals for the new ORBT system.

Upgraded Omaha bus transit system to provide rapid transit to our community

This project consisted of 23 different job sites, each with their unique challenges. New 200A or 400A services were installed at each location. The size of service depended on how much snow-melt was needed for the size of the platform. A customer power and communication cabinet was installed at each location as well. This project also included the installation of a new vehicle priority system. GPS was installed at nine intersections to know when a bus is approaching. When the bus is near the intersection, it will hold the green light to provide quicker service.