May 27, 2021

Residential Wiremen Need Is Great; Job Opportunities Abound with Local Contractors

If you like working with your hands, enjoy variety in your work week, want great benefits and job security, and wish for a career that is growing twice as fast as other job sectors, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 22 has the perfect career match for you: residential wireman.

IBEW, along with the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), forms Building Omaha, a partnership that powers our city. NECA matches qualified union electrications with local union contractors. And the strong local economy has created a great need among Omaha-area contractors for residential wiremen.

Residential wiremen are electricians specializing in connecting a customer’s electrical systems to an outside power course and distributing power throughout a residence. They work in single and multi-family homes, installing new, maintaining and/or troubleshooting existing, and upgrading the different electrical systems in a residence. These include:

  • lighting and receptacles both inside and outside of a home
  • HVAC systems
  • energy management systems
  • fire alarms and security systems
  • power monitoring systems
  • computer networking and cable television systems


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those employed as electricians currently enjoy a 14% job growth rate, and this rate is projected to continue through 2024. Moreover, electricians’ job growth rate is twice the average of other fields, which sit at 7%. 

The pay is solid, too. The average electrician in Nebraska earns over $17 an hour, according to, with members of IBEW taking home, on average, nearly $66,000 a year. 

Plus, you’ll have the security of consistent hours while working a variety of projects so that each day is a new challenge.


Professional electricians offer peace of mind and long-run savings. Incorrect installations and repairs are safety hazards that can result in shocks or – worse – fires. And weekend warriors who hope to save a few bucks often find their time and money are wasted when their DIY projects fail and professionals are called in. As a skilled residential electrician, you will be highly trained to ensure your customers the best, and safest, service.

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